Monday, October 15, 2007

Nestabilities & Copic Clubs and product info...


I have received a few questions about these fabulous new clubs and the products themselves. I am by no means the expert on these products but I have researched them for a while now and will gladly share the information that I have.

First, the Copics....they are an alcohol based marker and can be used for a variety of things. I'm going to cut the fancy talk and tell you exactly what I think. THEY ROCK!! Here's my list:

- no lines, no matter how long I take to color....NO LINES
- color your own brads, yep that's right. I needed soft sky brads and we all know they don't make those so I took a white brad and colored it with the Copic marker that matched Soft Sky and tah-dah...Soft Sky brad!!!
- Ribbon Dying is a snap! I have always bought a lot of white grosgrain ribbon rather than spending tons of $ on ALL the colored ribbon. I usually sponge the ribbon with a dauber until I get the rich color I want, then nuke it in the microwave to seal the color in. Now, I just run my Copic marker over my ribbon and it's done!
- Shading...I am NOT an artist, I have no clue what to shade where, but when I used my Cool Gray 00 I just lightly trace the image and it fades as it dries so you can just barely see a shadow and it's perfect every time!

Now there are other great things about these that I know nothing about first hand, air brushing and using the colorless blender to blend colors, remove color, etc. But if you visit Ellen Hutson's blog she has more info on these fantastic markers. I also found this little tutorial very helpful, granted I'm not a cartoon artist nor do I wish to be but the information is really good..

I have one set of Nestabilities on their way to me, so I don't have first hand knowledge to share with you just yet. I will tell you that Nichole Heady has a fantastic review and tutorial on these puppies here and Sharon Harnist gives a fabulous comparison between the Nests and Marvy Punches here, so hopefully it will help answer any of your questions. The moment I saw her post on them I was sold, but I honestly couldn't afford them. When you spend $15 on a punch it seems reasonable, right? Well if you buy 2 punches for $30 then you could have two sizes for layering....what if that same $30 could give you 5 sizes for layering AND you could dry emboss your cards or layers? That is what the Nestabilities can do....more bang for your buck quite frankly. And if that's not enough, STORAGE! These dies fit right into a cd case, no shelving unit or large drawer required.

I hope this information helps you and once I get my hands on my first set I promise to post my findings. If you have any questions about the club or these two products just let me know. If I don't have the answer, I'll find it!! :)

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Angel Wilde said...

I was wondering if you could tell me which Copic marker matches Soft Sky the best? Do you know of a chart that matches the Copics to SU? Thanks!