Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Class Projects

When I scheduled this class I had no idea it was on Easter weekend otherwise I would have planned an egg hunt!! 4 fun projects and we even finished 15 minutes early!!!! I have such a great time with all my gals that it never even feels like I'm "working". The directions are typed out for them, they holler if they have questions but I find that most of the time I get to socialize and get caught up on who's doing what, how their kids are doing, the latest vacation stories, who found what on sale and where!!!! HAHAHA....It takes so much time to plan everything, cut every single layer and package it all up but in the end, it's SO worth it!! I got a few great ideas from my fellow stampers and ran with them.
This was a fun new folding idea I cased from another stamper, I changed the colors and a few little things, but isn't it fun?!?! I just love it!
Then, of course we had a Bella night....actually two this week!!!! And another one planned for Friday night!! I just can't get enough of these gals...and oddly, I have a few friends that have the same issue! HAHAHHAH