Thursday, August 9, 2007

Had to share....

So I have a list of blogs that I browse I stumbled onto this and I just started cracking up!!!
Isn't it just fantastic!?!?! The artist is Michele Boyer, you can check out her blog here for details. PLUS, she's giving away this very set and some other goodies along with it! This is one of the new sets just released by My Favorite Things and I just love it. I never win anything, but I HAD TO HAVE IT!!! So needless to say I ran right over to the Paper Pretties Corner store and bought it. (ooh, and if you're a subscriber to Paper Pretties then you get a discount in the store too!! so....I bought a few more things. Shhhh, don't tell the DH!)

Isn't this card just too clever?!?! Kudos to Michele for being so creative...I love it!!!

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Julie Campbell said...

I saw this on her site too and literally laughed out loud! I love it!