Friday, August 24, 2007

Fantastic Fun Friday!!!

So my hubby worked from home today so I asked him to come take me to lunch. California Pizza Kitchen was my selection for the day and as always it was DELICIOUS!!! We shared the Margherita pizza: cheese, basil and tomatoes...that's all you need for the perfect pizza. Mmmmmmmmm And of course a side salad to get some sort of healthy element into my daily consumption. But it's the California eggrolls that keep me coming back. Alvocado, Jack Cheese, Chicken and Bacon..........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I could actually hear myself gaining weight while I was chewing. ;)

Oh, did you want to hear who won? Ahh that's right, I knew there was a reason I was meeting up with Scott today. Let's see, what did he write down on this napkin???

Denise... said... I subscribed...and I am hoping and hoping that I get picked. I don't have any bellas!!! Love the blog...always great inspiration. Thanks so much!

I have truly enjoyed spreading the fun and candy around this week and I have already started to get together some more fun goodies. I have a bad habit when I go to the craft stores, I pick up one for me and one to give away. It's just such a good deal I must share it, right?!?!


Denise said...

Oh my gosh, oh my goodness, oh my stars!!! Happy dance...happy dance...happy dance!!! I've sent you an e-mail with my I'm going to go dance (and maybe hum a few bars!!!)

Crystal (happy2stamp4ever on SCS) said...

Meanie! LOL...I was totally holding my breath (as I'm sure many were)...and here you are, chatting about pizza! Hee hee...

Well, even though my heart sank in disappointment, I am very happy for Denise b/c I know how happy I would've been, so I can imagine she's feeling wonderful!

Congrats to Denise, and thank-you to Jill, for offering such wonderful blog candy!

Crystal =)

jodene said...

Sound like a good dinner. Drooling a little.LOL Congrats to your winner.

Pattyjo said...


The Queen Of Scrap said...

Congratulations Denise! Thank you very much Jill for have such fun on your blog. (thank your husband too, for suggesting you make more stuff), till next time!

cjknick said...

Congrats, Denise! You'll love your candy!

Cindy in Boise