Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Yup, that's today's lucky winner!!!! I'm not sure if it irritates me or makes me laugh....but when I ask someone "pick a number between 1 and 10" and their reply is either 1 or 10, I roll my eyes and tell them to get serious. Granted, today it was between 1 and 87 and she said "86!" but still, I know those type of people that pick the ACTUAL numbers you tell them to choose between.....if I wanted those numbers I would have said "ok, choose either 1 or 10". Sheeeesh!

So congrats to Wednesday's Winner!!! CHATTERBOX!!!
chatterbox said...
Hi, I subscribed to your blog a week ago - simply because I LOVE your sense of humor, down to earth (ok, my earth)chatter, and your creative projects. Some day's I just need a little inspiration - and this blog sure has helped me out of my mini slump. BUT... when I saw your bellas in the candy package...OMG! I didn't even know what a bella was... I have a new mission...Bella collecting!Thanks for sharing your ideas, not sure my husband is going to like my new hobby though.

Chittery Chatterbox...send me your info missy!!!! :)

Some updates & notes: I was incorrect in my previous post stating that Aug 20th was the last day to sign up for the Sept bella box. Christie over at Paper Pretties has moved all the dates back to normal so you have until the end of each month to sign up for the next month's box, which is great! Not to mention the fabulous discount at the Paper Pretties Corner Store just for being a subscriber! ;) Also, yesterday's winner Whimsey, well her name is Michelle...not Ida. So I apologize Michele for changing your name...although you did offer to let me call ya Lula so I might just have to take you up on that!

2 more winners are in the making!!! Be sure you check back to see if it's you!!!!

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