Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Another clue from Snowflake...

Thanks for joining us for Day 3 of our Search for Snowflake. Today’s clue is posted by Julie Masse, looks like Snowflake might have left her a note. Joanne and I have also posted clues that Snowflake left us earlier this week. Be sure to collect all the clues to register for the grand prize which will be drawn on Friday!

Today's prize is a bella trio: pompombella, snowbunnybella, and veggiebella!!!

And I love every one's color combos, there are quite a few that I have never tried so my goal when I get my hand back is to challenge myself to ALL the color combos on the "never been tried before" list. Overall I think everyone loves Neapolitan (pink/white/brown) and MY current fav...Turquoise or Soft Sky and Chocolate. Keep those color combos coming ladies, the winner will be drawn on Friday!!!

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