Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm alive!

Yes, I survived the big '30'!!!! From Thursday afternoon until Monday night, it was non-stop spoil-Jillian-time!!!! And look what came in the mail over the course of the weekend....
This gorgeous bella card came from Ami Cook! *thanks amy I love her!!!* The frame has red glittah all around it and I just love the polka-dot prima, too cute!

And I have no idea how this woman does it, but she JUST had a baby last week and then I got this birthday package of goodies in the mail?!?!?! are Superwoman and I love you, thank you SO much for thinking of me!!!! Give that sweet baby kisses for me (trust me, he's just too cute!).

Kristine sent me these fun treats for my bday, um.....Kristine, you trying to tell me something?? *wink, wink* Thank you missy, I love my gorgeous bella card, fun polka dot ribbon and I'm sure those stamps will come in handy soon enough! ;)

Now for the best gift ever..... he picked it out just for me.

This is from Jack, he picked me a "bean" from his beanstalk....well, from Tiffany & Co's beanstalk *lol*. My nephew Jack is the light of my life and boy does he love to chew on his auntie Jill. (Jack & Jill, too cute eh?) Oh and he picked out that butterfly balloon just for me, he said it was "pwetty, jus like you aunti". Could ya just melt?!?!??!

We took a trip on a train....still quite get the "cheese" into the actual camera but we'll get there! Hugs to everyone and thank you ALL for your wonderful Bday wishes.....ok, off to do some stamping. I haven't inked anything in almost a week, can you believe it?!?!?!



Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Aw....what could be better then a Precious kiss from that Sweet little guy!!!

Lisa B <><

dd2njoy said...

Aaahhhhh He's too cute!!! Boy seems like you had a wonderful b'day!! That's great cause you deserve it girl!!!

jodene said...

Adorable picture!!

Julie Masse said...

He is the cutest!!! I LOVE seeing that pic of you and your nephew and what a great gift!! You've been showered with blessings my friend and I've been thinking about you for days!! Glad you had a good birthday! :)

Alli Miles said...

Awwww your nephew looks so sweet. I am delighted you had a wonderful birthday. 30 really isn't that bad is it?!

Jenn Mash said...

Happy (belated) birthday Jilly! You survived the big 3-0! I'm so sorry I missed the actual day, I blame it on being out of town! :) The cards are so pretty and I love your beautiful necklace from Jack. What a wonderful little nephew. Your pictures are adorable!!

Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

You are so welcome, Jillian! I sent the package BEFORE I went into the hospital. . .that's how! :) Hope you like the goodies! LOVE those pics of you and your nephew! How cute!