Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Monday!!!

What a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend I had! I stuffed myself silly, slept a TON and then pushed Scott (my sweet hubby) up onto the roof to get those lights on!! I'm the 'light tester and bulb checker' and since I got a great deal last year after the holidays on lights we had all brand-spankin new ones. My hubster got up on that roof and carefully placed each light perfectly along the trim and when the grand finale came to plug in those beautimous lights....nothing. Nat'l Lampoons Xmas Vacation was in my very home for the next 5 hours until the culprit was found. ME! I didn't check the lights!!! I thought since they were brand new that they'd be fine. WRONG! Rookie move and man did my sweet hubby turn a bit sour once he found out that the "light checker" failed to do her job. The trooper that he is he went back up, took down the faulty lights and replaced them with ones that he knew worked, because HE checked them. ;)

I did finally get my Etsy store up and running for the Xmas card rush so be sure to check my sidebar to view my store. There will be more added within the week, just trying to pace myself with all my projects. :)

I hope you all enjoyed great food, family and loved ones, and of course those extra naps we tend to need during the holidays! Did any of your brave the crowds for those after T-day sales?? What did ya get?!?


dd2njoy said...

Lol,that's exactly what I thought when you said your hubby had put every light oh so perfectly...
National Lampoon's,that's not funny though,lol. Your xmas cards look awesome! Have a great monday!

Chris Scrappin and Stampin in Texas said...

What a sweet hubby!! I know it is hard to believe the lights don't work...when they are new...OUCH!! i hate that..

No after Turkey day sales for me..but apparently I should have. I bought the Sony digital last week for $180.00 and it was 80.00 at Walmart until 11:00...Missed that one!! Happy Holidays. Chris

jenn mash said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jilly! I braved the crowds at Michaels to get a Cricut for $129!!! My mom had actually picked it up for me for Christmas so I made her take it back and saved her lots of money. :) So I really want to use it to make some Christmas cards but I'm not allowed to until Chritmas so I just have to stare at it until then. Oh the agony, lol! Other than that, not a lot. I'm not one of those crazy Friday shoppers, I'm always too wiped out from cooking and cleaning the days before!

I'm proud of you for getting your lights up. We need to get ours done!