Thursday, December 11, 2008


So I've been insanely busy with life at the moment....Chloe is doing well for those that needed an update. The training tips REALLY helped and I'm proud to say we are notified when the little princess needs to go out for a #1 & #2!!! Unfortunately if I'm in the shower and hubby is still in bed the whimper goes unheard and "uh-oh" becomes the phrase of the day. The crate training is going well also, it still breaks our hearts to hear her howl but when we leave for work she's learning to calm down and just go in there and fall asleep.

As for stamping...yea right! My Xmas tree & decorations still aren't up...but I do have outside lights so at least the rest of the world thinks we're festive. ;) The guest room floor is done just need to put in the baseboards and then put the desk together & shelving units so I can finally unpack some crap....right now it's back to a pile of boxes and things and I'm pulling out my hair. My stamp room has the dismantled computer and desk at the moment so no chance of me getting in there even if I could find the time.

So I just wanted to check in to let everyone know that I'm not dead AND that this weeks Prettie Challenger! So I'm challenging everyone to "put a hole in it". Not a pierce, but a hole...minimum of 1/8" and you can't add a brad or fill it...the hole MUST be visible. :) Good luck! Hopefully I'll be able to complete something one day soon so everyone doesn't get bored ready about life dramas. LOL

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Debbie Lee said...

So happy to hear that Chloe is getting the hang of things. :) You must be so psyched to have fewer '"UH OHs"!