Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Those who can't, shop

Yea, so I've had no free time whatsoever to do any stamping. Still no word on the new position I applied for at work but no news is good news right?!?! So since I'm working so much, I find myself online shopping for craft stuff during my lunch and breaks so I feel like I'm not falling so far behind, I still will own all the cool new stuff therefore I'm still up on all the latest and greatest (yea right). I have tons of new goodies that I have accumulated in the past few weeks and NONE have seen the light of day just yet. But here I sit, browsing and shopping in hopes that someday soon I'll be able to have a clear stamp table and actually get to STAMP.

So they say "Those that cant, teach" well I'm guessing the same goes for us crazy busy stampers....can't stamp? Then shop!


the whimsical butterfly said...


...and those who can't talk, AIM. and those who can't sleep, text! LOL! You are a goof and I love ya!

Soooo, when I was talking to you today I forgot to ask you about that storage system...speaking of obsessive shopping LOL! Did you get it yet? My stamps are infiltrating my house and your sistah needs HELP!

Debbie Lee said...

SHOP SHOP SHOP! Gotta love to shop! ;) So what kinda goodies you been stockin up on? I wanna see! he he he :)
Hope you hear on your new position soon! They must be waiting to make it an extra special Xmas present for ya!