Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A lovely bella and a peek

Ok, so when Saycheeseabella first hit the scene I thought she was cute, perhaps to make some cards for my pals who enjoy photography. HELLO! How cute is this card?!?! You can use it for ANYONE!!!! Christie sent me this card, just because (the best kind) and I absolutely fell for this bella!!! And the paper is just to die for!!! So of course I had to share with all of you. A reminder that when you see a new stamp image you never know just how much you NEED it until you see it used and fall in love. :)

Wanna peek?
Oh it may not look like much but it's quite adorable, I assure you! Perhaps if you join us for a pajama party this Friday night, you might just win this hidden treasure! Got a pen? This Friday, April 11th Charmaine will be hosting Stampin In Your Jammies over at Paper Pretties and 3 new sets will be released! Did you write that down?
Tonight I have my first Adobe Photoshop Elements class so wish me luck. It's an 8 week course, 4 hours every Tuesday night. By the end of this class I'd better be able to shrink my waist in photos like they do on magazine covers and remove unwanted Ex's from old pictures!! ;)

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Joanne B. said...

Photoshop class? Can I come? Or better yet, I'll email you all my photos and you can reduce the size of the junk in my trunk. LOL!