Thursday, April 17, 2008

Answers to Photoshop questions

I'm so sorry that my post was so short the other day, I was literally AT my class and snuck onto the web just to show off what I learned. ;) I've received quite a few questions so I wanted to answer as many as I could.

1. Is this class online? No, it is at an adult education school that offers TONS of fabulous classes in the evenings for working gals like me. I really encourage you to poke around your own area and see if there is something available like this, they have floral arranging, digital photography (that's my next one), excel, accounting, and tons of other wonderful courses.

2. Where was the photo taken? No clue! In the class there are preselected photos for us to all use and learn techniques with, we won't use our own photos until week 6. I'm on week 2. :)

3. How did you do that? Honestly, it's a matter of working with light levels. Once you learn that, you can pretty much fix any photo you take. It's like least that's how I feel about it. Every picture I fix I just say to myself "wow, that's cool!".

4. What program did you use? I'm working with Photoshop Elements 6.0 - available at Costco for $79.99 or on for around the same price.

I also am learning how to create Watermarks so I hope everyone keeps checking back, I'll have fun blog candy to offer next week!!!

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