Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I challenge you...

...TO A DUEL!!!! no, just kidding, but come on someone out there had to be thinking it, right?!? So 2 weeks ago Joanne gave us the challenge to use masking on a card. Sadly, my comp had a heart attack last night so I can't get any photos from my camera card to my blog at the moment. I can, however, email and blog all I want from work. *shhhhh, don't tell*

So be sure to visit the Prettie blogs to see what everyone created. And this week, since it's my turn, I challenge everyone to take some time off!!! These gals stamp until their fingers bleed and leave their families screaming to be fed. (ok, that last part is a total lie but you get the point) So I've told them all to take a break....get caught up on their to-do lists, do their taxes (due in 11 days people!) and perhaps feed those starving children. LOL

Will you take some time out for yourself??? I challenge you!!!!


Julie Masse said...

You just are too funny!! Thanks for the break babe! I gotta go slap some PB&Js together for the hungry herd! :)

Jessie/knightrone said...

That is so super sweet of you!!! I think it is a fabulous challenge!!