Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hot, Hot, Hot

Now I bet you were thinking "oh, this is gonna be good....something hot to read about and look at". Well, I will tell you that I have some hot stuff to look at but mainly I was complaining about the darn HEAT! Will it just STOP already!?!?!?!

Ok, that being said here is another adorable card using the new (just released today actually) MFT Shower Time stamp set. I can't stop playing with this set, I haven't used anything outside of my Paper Pretties box just yet so if the colors and paper seem familiar that's why. But hey, it comes with all the papers and supplies ready to roll so why look a gift horse in the mouth, eh? ;)

Now, as I mentioned above this set was released by MFT today and I've seen some really fun things done with it....but ya know, I got it a month ago. How? Because the Paper Pretties MFT boxes feature exclusive, unreleased stamp sets!!! Isn't that fantastic!!! Here is a quick overview of what exactly is in these boxes I keep raving about.

The Paper Pretties Premium Package ($39.95 plus shipping) will include:
8 pieces of 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of card stock OR 6 pieces of 12x12 card stock
5 pieces of 12 x 12 printed card stock
2 pieces of specialty card stock (8 1/2 x 11 OR 12 x 12)
4 pieces of ultrasmooth white card stock
full package or packages of embellishments(quantity of embellishments may vary depending on card design)
2 yards each of 3 different types of ribbon - 6 yards in total
6 envelopes
1 stamp or stamp set (depending on stamp company box choice)
1 sentiment stamp (depending on stamp company box choice)
1 small paper crafting tool or accessory

And that's not is a quick list of the additional benefits you get just for being a subscriber:

-10% off all purchases from the Corner Store
-20% off on the monthly "suggested add-on's"
-Access to a 'Members Only' card gallery (including "Card of the Week" samples & cards by the Paper Pretties Design Team)
-Members Only contests and giveaways!
-Participate in "Stampin' In Your Jammies", the virtual stamp night held monthly
-Exclusive sales & specials for Members Only

...kinda starting to think we should be investing in those cool 'Members Only' jackets from the 80's....those were sexy, right? LOL

Needless to say it's worth the membership! And yes, you'll be hearing more about it because Christie emails me personally to tell me about all the new fun stuff she's carrying in her store and all the fantastic new card ideas that are coming up :-x. And if I get hooked, then you'll get there will be new Stampendous stamps available soon!!!! So go check it out and then tell Mother Nature to lay off the heat, cause I'm gettin' cranky!!! LOL Ok, back to's a 3 day weekend and I have NO PLANS...YIPPPEEEEEEE


Kristine Reynolds said...

Very Cute card Jillian!

Anonymous said...

Jillian I have been seeing cards from this set in SCS and love it. I do not have it yet but I had a thought..what if umbrella was orange and had a jack-o-lantern type face drawn on it with tiny leaves falling. If this sounds interesting to you please give it a try & PM me on SCS (Tawanda Lives). Keep up the good work..Debbie