Sunday, September 9, 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness - Think Pink

There are many reasons I'm posting about this today....and oddly, stamping can make a difference. I was listening to my daily radio show on my way to work last week and one of the dj's opened up about his wife's recent diagnosis of breast cancer and the battle they have been quietly fighting. The reason they decided to talk "on the air" about it was to make people more aware....more aware that it is NOT always detected on the mammograms. She felt a lump one day in the shower and she mentioned it to her doctor during her yearly exam and they responded saying "well, nothing showed up on your mammogram". They had to do a CAT scan on her since her mammogram showed nothing and sure enough....stage 1 breast cancer. She saved her own life by just taking 2 minutes in the shower once a week and doing her self exams.

We are all affected by breast cancer. Whether it is a family member, a friend, a co-worker of even ourselves, we are not strangers to this disease that has claimed so many lives. My Favorite Things in cooperation with Paper Pretties are very very excited to announce My Favorite Things' Minis on a Mission Think Pink Limited Edition Paper Pretties' Package. $5.00 from the sale of each Paper Pretties Think Pink Limited Edition Package will be donated to support Breast Cancer Initiatives.
The box is $45.95 plus shipping and handling. (Please note that the picture shown is not representative of the box you will receive it is only an example of the items it may contain.)

At the top is a sample card made by Kim from MFT featuring one of the great woman to woman images from this fantastic set. For more information about this fantastic Think Pink promotion, visit and be sure to enter "Think Pink" in the comments section when you checkout. And ladies, please take two minutes out of your day to save your own life.


christie ortman said...

Awesome post Jillian! Thanks for taking a minute to support such a great cause!

Toni said...

What a great post Jillian, my Nana passed away from breast cancer in Nov 2005 and I miss her everyday; her cancer was not detected by a mammogram either, she found it herself. Thanks again for a wonderful post.

Melissa Craig said...

Hi Jillian,

You have no idea what sort of incredible timing you have with this post. I just got a phone call from my sister - she's been diagnosed with breast cancer. Oh Lord, this is breaking my heart!! I can't stop crying!! Sorry, melt down. My sisters are my best friends, they are everything to me. Yes, this is being detected early enough that she has really good chances of beating this - but she's being stubborn about treatment.

Anyone reading this: Do self examines... get your mammogram done! Your health is not only important to you but to those who love you!!