Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Green Day!!!!

I'm not Irish so I don't really celebrate St. Patty's Day but I must say that my best friend Margaret can't seem to get enough of the "green stuff". Everytime we're out shopping and see something with clovers, she MUST have it. She loves this holiday, aka excuse-for-drinking-green-beverages-and-eating-fattening-food-day, hmm perhaps I should be more interested in this holiday. ;) So I wish you ALL a Happy St Patty's because I know there are many Margarets out there that just LOVE this green day too!!! xoxoxo


Anonymous said...

Awwwww I feel honored! I love this holiday and all the green and shamrocks everywhere. :) xoxoxoxo

Elizabeth said...

I get updates a day late, but Happy St. Patty's Day anyway!

Oh! I totally thought about you when I saw these...

check it out! Do you have a Cupcake Courier???
Cheers! Elizabeth Bead Diva