Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dry Embossing tips

I'm adding this just for Barb since she asked. But I'm guessing that many others have run across the same issues so I'm hoping I can help.

Barb asked:
did you gals learn some secrets you can share for dry embossing...I still have problems when using the templates...either I tear my paper, or I don't get quite the 'impression' I need!

When you're dry embossing there are a few essential things you need to know.

1. Use a cheap light box. It sounds funny but I own 3 different light box's and the ones that work best are the cheapos. I have that $50 one from SU and I can hardly see the template through the papers because the light is fluorescent and TOO bright.

2. Get it waxed. Have a piece of crumbled wax paper with your light box. Before attempting to emboss, rub your piece of paper with the wax paper. By crumpling it up, you're breaking the 'wax seal' and therefore allowing the wax to flow onto your paper which in turns lets the embossing tool glide with ease along the paper.

3. Don't push it! ;) You don't have to press hard to get a good impression, but you may have to go over it twice. Better to repeat yourself than start over completely because you've torn the paper. Also, when using regular paper you need to use much less pressure than when embossing with card stock.

4. "Oh Sandy..." Ok that was cheesy, but the best way I've found to enhance my dry embossed images is to lightly sand them. Just use a craft sanding block and lightly buff the image you've embossed. Be sure not to angle your sanding tool as you will scratch your paper, just rub flat over it and only the raised image will get hit. To achieve this look you'll need to use a white core paper or card stock, which means no SU card stock gals....gotta grab the craft store stuff! *lol*

Hope this helps! If anyone else has a question be sure to comment here and I'll just edit to this post to give you some answers. ;) xoxo


Kari C said...

This is so helpful-I've only done this once at a class but haven't tried since. Thank you for the easy info!

Barb g said...

A Huge thanks, I will keep a copy of this info and will definitely try this again soon. Thanks so much for sharing the tips with us, and soooooo quickly too! You are a doll.
Hugs, Barb g

Anderson Arts Online said...

Thanks for the info, I was wanting info on this technique, your insight has been helpful!