Friday, January 19, 2007

I ordered my Bellas!!!

I'm so excited I seriously need to take a valium over this! So I stumbled onto this website and found THE MOST ADORABLE stamps ever!!! They have a Bella for every person on the planet I swear!!! So I looked through the site, decided at some point I was going to add a few to my collection and then went back to my work. (Funny how work seems to get in the way of my internet surfing! lol) So then I go back, check out the blog, basically because in my head I thought "Hmm, I wonder what this person blogs popular is this site anyway? How long have these stamps been around, I've never seen them before but then again my nose is usually stuck in the SU catalog and all the stamp stores have closed down in town so I must not get around much in the stamp world." Yes, I thought ALL of that! Anyway, so I started from the very first blog and read every single one up until today! Well, two today, she was very excited about a few things. I had to have them....NOW! This gal is a HOOT!! I was giggling at first, chuckled a few times and I believe at one point I actually let out a loud "HA!"

I admire her, kinda jealous actually.... she had a vision, got excited and took the chance. She did it! And I think she's gonna have an amazing business quite honestly. The gals on SCS are addicts, myself included of course (hey at least I ADMIT it!). Due to us all loving these stamps and HAVING to own them, I know the orders will be flying in for her and I'm going nutz just waiting to get the email that mine have shipped. She personally cuts each and every stamp....I love it! Granted, I can totally do it myself, I have been for years, but it just shows that she's in it with her heart. Ok so when she buys a factory I'm sure a machine will take over, but I'll bet she still checks each order and keeps up with her blogs!!!!

I can't stand it! I want my bellas!!! Oh and the best part....I just left a few comments when I made my order, just so she knew that there was a crazy stamper out in California that loved her images and was excited about the adventure she had taken. Well, she emailed me back! We chatted a few times and I have to say I totally love this lady! Normally, I feel that I need to be rather professional and reserved at times with my stamping, my classes, in-home workshops, etc. Only a few of my fellow stampers know how much of a goonball I am and how worked up I get about my stamping. She totally gets it!!! Heck, she makes me look calm!!! HAHAHAHA She types how she talks (me too), she loves her family with all her heart and shares all of her adventures (I would too if I had any!), and she's a total spaz about her stamps! Plus she actually types with an accent, how friggin kick-ass is that?!?

So check out her stamps.....I'll be busting my tail making some fun cards and pages with them once they arrive. I'm so not letting these ones out of my sight!!!!

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stamping bella said...

who YOU CALLING LADY?? I am not a 'lady' or a ma'am or anything like that.. I AM A BELLA.. and a cute young one at that...
Thank you for the great comments and the plug and I love ya baby.. you rock and I hate you for looking like a BELLA! I wish you lots of luck with this.. I think you have already become *GASP* an.. an... ann..... ADDICTABELLA