Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Oct 14th already?!?! Where did summer go?? Well we've been buckling down at the house getting ready for our house warming this weekend. It looked so lovely just two weeks ago, a little naked but clean and livable. Then the bomb went off...clothing EVERYWHERE! Boxes, bags, pictures, candles, halloween decor. OMG! We pulled out so much stuff from the garage and the closets that I thought I was going to need to rent a hotel room just to have somewhere to live & sleep!!! I had to fill the holes in the closet walls and paint, hence why the clothing was everywhere. Over the months I had purchased all kinds of fun photo frames, candles, vases, etc and just kept putting them away.....hubby pulled them all out and my god. I wish I had taken a picture. WOW! So I might be a little absent this week because I'm "not allowed in the stamp room" at all unless my tasks are completed first (yea right).

But I do need to shout something from the rooftops


My long lost sistah (not literally, we just have tons in common, can chat for hours and we get along like sistahs) Jessica Diedrich has accepted a spot on the Prettie team, so watch out folks....together we are T-R-O-U-B-L-E. ;) Debbie Lee, aren't you just jumping out of your chair?!?!?!

So please drop by her blog and give her some high-fives on her new Prettie position! Here's a peak at some of her fabulous cards....


the whimsical butterfly said...

Awww! You really are too much, my friend! What an awesome welcome! it's a good thing I read your post... iwas like huh...that first card looks familiar! LMBO! I am super, super psyched to be working with you, girlie...oh, the trouble we'll get in!!!!

Debbie Lee said...

You silly/sweet thing you! But, just so you know, if you are her sistah, you must be mine too, by default - LMBO and lots o' winks & nudges!!
I couldn't be more proud of her and thank you for bringing her into your 'fold'! You are too good!