Monday, June 16, 2008

I promise I'm alive......barely

I just realized I haven't posted anything in 10 days *gasp*. I can't even believe it's been that long since I've inked up rubber or even had something to blab about. Ok, so I've had plenty to blab about just no time to get it out of my fingertips. The house is almost ours....we've been researching, prepping, ordering and selecting everything for the past 10 days to be sure that we're set to paint, install, update, etc the moment we get the keys (which was supposed to be the 9th...which then turned into the 13th....which is now the 17th...maybe). So who knows when we'll have keys in our hands! It's very frustrating but we know it'll be here before we know it and we'll be even more exhausted than we already are. On the upside, tiles arrived today so we picked those up. Did you know how heavy a case of tile is?!! It took 3 trips to Home Depot just to get it back to the house without popping tires! WOWSA! So I'm exhausted, still packing every night along with scheduling demolition dates, moving vans, contractors and tree removal stuff. Not to mention working full time still, packing and cleaning our rental and also starting a photography class Thursday this week. What exactly was I thinking?? I promise I'll post more soon, just working day to day at the moment and stamping is on the back burner (ACK, did I just say that?!?!) ;)


Jana Weaver said...

Hang in there will all be worth it in the end! :-) And I just can't wait to come see it (and YOU!) when we're back in California!!! :-D


Diane said...

Oh my,I'm exhausted just reading all you've been doing! Just think,it'll all be worth it in the long run!!!

Lori Barnett said...

Poor thing! But you will look back and think about ALL you have done and wonder HOW YOU DID IT! I don't know how I ever worked full time and took care of 4 kids! Daycare/school/doctors/pets/etc. CrAzY but we do it :) Oh....where in there did we have time to cook?! Pizza got old after a while! ha ha ha