Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mmm...tasty treats!

I wanted to make something fun for my coworkers since we all had to drag our feet back into work after a long, fabulous holiday weekend. I couldn't decide between making coconut covered cupcakes or marshmallow flowers....so I made both!
I was at the Le Gourmet Chef store a few months ago and found the most bright and wonderful sugar crystals in every color you can imagine. So I've been dying to use them on something and this was PERFECT! Ok, so here's the trick to the Plumeria Flowers....

Cut jumbo marshmallows using damp kitchen scissors into slices. Sprinkle the sitcky insides with colored sugar sprinkles. Arrange on cupcakes in a flower shape! SO simple and SO adorable, don't ya think?? You could even put a candle in the middle if it was for a birthday, or those little pastel colored candies to make a flower center!! Love it!!

Oh and they were a BIG hit....I think they were all gone by 10am. What a great breakfast, eh? ;)

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Melissa - stampedbym said...

Great idea!!