Thursday, February 8, 2007

My 'Toy Story' stamp set

This set is a classic, I haven't pulled it out in a while so I thought it was about time. Have you noticed yet that we go through 'stamp phases'? Kinda like clothing, you buy something you just "HAVE to have" and you can't wait to wear it.....sometimes you might wear it too much but hey, it's your favorite!!! Then you start to wear it a bit less, either because the season is over or perhaps you found something new that you enjoy wearing now. Afterall, you were wearing that other favorite item a bit much and you DO need more clothes, right?! *smirk*

So I find that I HAVE to have certain stamps and/or stamp sets and I use them them off at all workshops, parties, classes, etc. I use them in RAK's and swaps and for every occasion possible. Then, a new set comes out that I adore and I find that I have tons of ideas and can't wait to show it off at workshops and parties, RAK' get the idea. So Watercolor Garden was THE set of the year a few years back....I never let it out of my sight. Then more watercolor sets came about and I adored them as well, used them together actually. Now....this poor little guy sits in the back of the shelf collecting dust. So....I brushed off the dust and brightened up my spirits :) Hope you likey!!! (oh, and I hope this inspires you all to pull out an old fav and use it again!!) I feel like this is a new version of Toy Story only with stamps. LMBO!!!

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Melissa - stampedbym said...

Love the card! Very pretty. I remember that set being one of my favs, too. You're right, it's time to pull out some old favorites, clean them up a bit and use them. Thanks for the inspiration!