Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Checking in

I thought that being without tv and a computer for a few weeks would be torture but surprisingly I've had so much to do that I haven't noticed....until now. I just got back to work and had over 100 emails and thought I'd be spending my entire workday catching up. *hugs to everyone for all the love & well wishes*

So I've learned a lot about myself during this house thing,,,,

1. I am chaotic and never can stick to just one thing (which means nothing gets fully completed)

2. I pay way too much attention to the small details (can be good in crafting, bad when shopping for paint colors and not making a darn decision)

3. I laugh...A LOT! Mostly at myself, but occasionally at others. Life is just friggin funny! You get to a point when things are so hectic & insane that you just have to laugh....or check yourself into the looney bin. ;)

4. I love our new house. Sure, we're still on concrete floors and dirt is everywhere and I'm digging through boxes just to find a clean pair of chonies (undies for those with a questioned look on their face). No one can penalize us for painting a wall, making big holes or tearing out carpet....cause it's OURS!

5. I sleep HARD when I've been working around the house all day, wow! I've had such horrible sleeping issues this year, was on Ambien for a short while til the doc said "no more!"....talk about taking the candy away from the baby, omg! But now, I'm out cold each night and I sleep SOOOO good. Not to mention the fabulous George Clooney dreams. Mmmmmm ;)

I will try and post pics as soon as I can (our computer at home is still boxed up so I have to take them to my parents to get them off my camera card, but I'll post by Sat I promise!). Today the grouting is being finished in the kitchen & family room and the base boards are going into my stamp room so I can START UNPACKING IT!! YIPPEEE!!!! I did all the laminate flooring myself! (go me, whoot whoot)

So I'm guessing another week until I'm semi-functional and soon I'll be able to stamp again!!! YAY!!! I've missed my Wed Prettie challenges and all the fun new stamp releases, so be sure you keep checking everyones blogs to see what's new.